What Empath Means 

Image by  Grae Dickason

Image by Grae Dickason

So an Empath is someone who senses feelings and emotions off another person. I’ve only just realised I’m empathic and I’m in my late 30’s and I worked with the public for over 10 years so you can imagine how frustrating that was!

Being Empathic can be really tough because you don’t just sense emotions, you can mistakenly think they are your own feelings and whats even more dangerous, is that we can absorb those feelings from others too!  

Which is great if you’re at a party. Not so much fun if you’re at a funeral! 

There are ways to protect yourself as an empath. Grounding yourself is particularly helpful but personally I found that just being aware that im sensing people is enough for me to take notice of what I’m feeling and more importantly, what I’m picking up.  

For this reason (and many others which I won’t go into) I am very aware of who I choose to spend my time with because low vibration people (ie people who bitch and moan all day long) are very draining to an empath.  

Before I realised I was Empathic, I often suffered from headaches. I would get overwhelmed easily in busy places. This didn’t make me want to run and hide (many empaths are shy for this reason) but it did mean I would get easily agitated but not know why. I didn’t realise I was picking up everyone elses emotions.

The best way to describe it is like you’ve got a label stuck in the back of your jacket. Not enough to scratch you, but just enough to know that somethings bugging you, but you don’t know what it is. Now not every empath will try to hide. Some empaths thrive being the centre of attention as they absorb the positive feelings from their adoring fans!

Emapths can make good healers because we are aware of the depth and breath of a persons suffering making us very intuitive. However those Empaths in a healing roll can become easily exhausted as we are swamped with other peoples emotions.

Be very protective of empathic children as they will struggle in busy places and will be easily overwhelmed. You can protect yourself quite easily as an Empath. You can do this by grounding yourself. You can read all about this on my Spirituality page HERE

You should also be aware of how you react to buildings. Homes, offices, especially old buildings will absorb the energetic radiation of the people who use the building. If it was a happy family (taking a home as an example) the energy will feel good. If it was a place that had a lot of suffering you will feel more and more uncomfortable in that environment the longer you stay there. For this reason I don’t often stay in B&Bs. There’s been many a time I’ve felt like I was getting watched. I prefer to stay in modern hotels that have seen less emotional ‘action’ then a home that has been converted into a B&B.

Recently I went to visit a living museum. It was a collection of old houses that had been moved to one site so you could see how people used to live. Some of the buildings where from as far back as the 1600’s! Now I’m also a qualified building surveyor so I absolutely love places like this but as I walked in to one little terraced house I instantly felt like my skin was crawling. It was horrible. I was in there only a matter of minutes, if that. I felt like I’d walked in to a spidersweb as I could feel the negative energy around me. As soon as I realised I was in a negative vibration house I grounded myself (you can learn about that HERE) but I hadn’t been quick enough (I should have grounded myself when I knew I was going to a museum) and that night, back in our hotel, I had the most horrendous nightmare that I was having the life sucked out of me by an invisible entity.

The word Witch came to me even though I believe witches are predominantly do gooders. I think the person who owned that particular cottage had been thriving in dark energy. Anyway, this dark thing was coming to get me in my dream and when screamed for it to Fuck Off no words came out my mouth. Mentally pushing it back I tried to scream as this horrible, unseen, thing slowly rose up to get me, again no words came out. At which point I forced myself awake, drenched in sweat with my poor heart hammering away in my chest.

And yes, like a big baby, even though im 37, I switched the light on and was tempted to wake up my Mum for a big hug. It was that scary, and believe me, I don’t scare easily

So darlings please please know, being an empath, so long as you know how to protect yourself, is awesome. Learning to ground and protect yourself is vital ( I found out the creepy way🤦‍♀️) you can learn about that HERE

But above all remember being an empath is a gift that allows you to connect on a deep level to those around you. It makes you a better parent, a better healer and a better friend. It also makes you pretty good a detecting liars, cheats and head workers. It’s a tool and a skill but above all a blessing from above even though somedays it mightn’t feel that way. So welcome to the club darling 😘 i’m happy you found us.

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