Don't feel disheartened, you'll get there in the end

There are many times in an light bearers life, especially ones who walk the entrepreneurs path, when we wonder are we ever going to make it BIG. We often have dreams of jet setting all over the world, walking on stages, spreading our light, in whatever form it presents itself: ,music, laughter, drama, motivational speaking, art or even presenting our business or products we've invented to crowds of adoring fans. Not for the vanity of self praise but for the shear joy off passing on our wisdom and helping those fans fill their hearts with joy so they too can become just a little bit more enlightened.

But there are of course, times when you doubt yourself. Not your potential because if your anything like me you will be born with a deep set, unshakeable confidence in your own abilities. Some call it arrogance, but it's not. Your soul, I believe, was put on this world with a journey and a job to fill. So the confidence comes not from the ego and arrogance but rather a place in your heart where your soul remembers who and really what you are in your core. 

A being born from the same energy that makes up the cosmos. But there are times when the path gets a bit narrow, shall we say. A bit rocky and precarious and the map that you thought was your golden ticket turns out to have led you down the wrong path. Or so you think.

So what do you do when you find yourself 'lost' and frustrated? At the times when your health may have been taken away, when your finances have gone to s***t? When you are stuck at home with poorly kids or the vision of a rockstar lifestyle are lost in piles of dirty washing, dirty plates and the non stop grind of a mediocre life?

Well, my friend, you can think of it this way. Imagine you are a little tiny daffodil bulb simmering under the frozen turf. You might feel cold and alone even if you are surrounded by other little bulbs. And on those cold and lonely days you have to remember that the dark rain clouds that rain down on you are feeding your roots. The cold is slowing your growth so that you don't blossom before the time is right. The dark shitty hole that your living in is actually filled with nutrients that will help you grow and expand as a person. This period, well, it's not forever. It's just a phase. The seasons will pass, slowly and laboriously but that's because each day you need to grow just a little bit more. If you grow to fast, you're roots won't sustain you and you'll find yourself in a cold harsh world that you haven't got the strength to cope with.

But if you're patient. If you take small daily persistent steps towards your dreams, it will be enough. Read a page, watch a webinar, write a blog, learn something, nourish your body and nourish your mind and one day, maybe some time soon, the weather will be right, the sun will shine bright and you'll find yourself emerging into a world that is fragrant and beautiful and bright and lit souly for you. And here, in this beautiful world your petals can bloom and bring a smile to all those people who are lucky enough to see you flower. And all those little bulbs that have been hiding in the dirt too? Well, you've shown them how to reach for the light and how beautiful you can be when you choose to let the dark nourish you instead of destroying you.

So be patient my friend. This is all part of the cycle of life. Sometimes we have to hunker down for the winter, but you know what, summer is often closer then we think.