Why Feeling Like a Failure is Good for Your Business

It happens quite frequently as an Entrepreneur. We wake up some days, feeling drained, like you're stuck on hamster wheel, like no matter how hard you run you don't seem to get anywhere at all. It's heart breaking. When you're working so hard, pushing all the boundaries. Constantly learning new skills, tweaking here, editing there, investing in courses, reading (God soo many books!) and through it all you have to have faith that one day soon, it will all just click and the money will come puring in and off you can ride into the sunset with hundred dollar bills trailing in your wake. 

But every time you dare to lift your head from your keyboard, there it is, another over night millionaire sitting on a Ferrari telling you that their free webinar is the next big key to your success. How last year they were living in a card board box under a bridge like a troll (the scary ones, not the cute, all singing, all dancing, species). Do you know on average it takes twenty two years to become a millionaire! Yep, scary isn't it and frustrating too. But do you know what, those Ferrari sitting, sweet, talking muppets are just like you and me.

They are sitting behind laptops too. They have done the courses, read the books, and can talk the talk. I was in Harrods once and there were two women standing next to each other waiting for the lift. One had a big old baggy jumper on, nice jeans and comfy boots. She had little sparkly studs in her ears, nice nails, a big ol' handbag that she had her kids stuff in, you know, sippy cups, bags of quavers, chocolate buttons, you know: the essentials.  Her skin was fresh, her make up understated but classy. The women standing next to her had designer shoes on (which looked painful as hell) a Burberry suit, a Burberry blouse, a Burberry rain coat, heavy make up, diamond rings, earrings and necklace. Can you guess which women was actually the richest? The one flaunting it or the one who had understated class?

You see, I am in millionaire business groups. I know millionaires in real life. When I had a JOB I worked with politicians, CEO's and celebrities and do you know what i've found. The truly rich don't have to flaunt their worth. Because they have reached a point (by being where you are now) that they've realised that the money is just a bonus. It's their work that's important. It's their gift to the world, the message that they were born to spread. Because people out there don't need another cardboard cut out. Because honestly, anyone can go and hire a Ferarri for the day. They can drive it to a big house (like a wedding venue) and pretend to be living the high life. Have you noticed how the pitches all sound familiar? That's because these over night entrepreneurs (like me) have studied marketing (hell you can even spot which ones have done the same courses) and know what words to use and in what order to get you interested in their products. And there is nothing wrong with that, providing they can give you what they promise. So before you invest in another course do some due diligence (and ignore that count down clock!) what are people commenting? Are they happy or angry? Ask yourself do I really need to do another course or do I just need to give myself more time to learn and hone my skills? Edison is said to have failed a thousand times before he perfected the light bulb. But once he did, he lit up the ENTIRE WORLD!

So give yourself a break. You are doing the best that you can. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. We all do it. What age did they make their first million? Where are they now? i wish I had a house like that. And you can and you will. But right now, right here, your are exactly where you are meant to be.  

People are struggling and the world is in transition. They need your years of personal development, they need to know your struggles and how you over came them. Because that's where they are now. You can sprout all the marketing copy that you like but honestly it's just more noise on the internet. Just more chatter in the dark.

Keep plugging away at your business, you might not have made it yet, God knows I haven't (I'm still living in my Mums at 35! Long story, i'll tell you about it another time) but it's the intention that matters. If you take away the money why are you on this path? Who are you here to serve? (please think beyond your kids, that for many is just the starting point) What light are you meant to bring to the world? Because you are here for a reason, I have no doubt about that. When you were little what did you love to do? I always used to steal pens when I was about three years old. As I got older I used to write songs and poems and I toyed with the idea of being a journalist. But I had forgotten I had been born with these gifts until a few weeks ago when I was too exhausted to do anything but lie in bed and think. And observe. And do you know what I saw? My 5 year old daughter every spare minute of every day drawing. Because she loves it and she has done since she picked up her first crayon years ago. 

So if you are feeling frustrated and tired of this long, long journey your on. Stop. Take a minute (or a week, or a long coffee break) and ask yourself: am I doing this because it lights me up or am I doing it because that's what everyone else is doing?  And if you're not sure, think back to when you were little. What did you love to do all the time? And try to put that fun back into your life and your business because that my friend is the key to success. Having fun! Because you can not endlessly peruse a career or an idea that doesn't light you up. What's the point in trying to copy someone else? Why do you want to emulate their life when yours can be so much more interesting? Because your life will be bespoke. Make it fit to your beliefs and what brings you happiness. That's why I started blogging. Because I like to talk (I was repeatedly told off for it at school especially when I was 5!) and while everyone is doing webinars and facebook live, at this moment in time, that's not my jam. Because sometimes your life expands and sometimes in needs to contract. So if your feeling frustrated, that's ok.

The reason it's taking you so long to be a 'success' is because you are in your apprenticeship. God, the Universe, Your higher self, whatever you want to call it, has a far bigger vision for your life then you could possibly image. And it takes time for you to learn the necessary skills and experience you need in order to help all the people you will meet along the way.  From every success story I've ever read, one day it will just click, all those little pieces will fall into place, if you don't give up. You don't have to have faith in religion or the universe but you do have to have faith in yourself. As frustrating as it is, you are exactly where you are meant to be. 

Take inspiration form the Ferrari sitters, it's nice to dream and have big plans, but also take it with a pinch of salt. That's their path, yours will be way more interesting in the end. There are no over night success. They have all been where you are now. Tired, frustrated but knowing deep down that it's all for a reason. That the world does need your gifts and that its not just delusions of grandeur. Your dreams can and will come true, if you have the stamina to keep going. Even if some times you feel like it's just a slow depressing crawl. At least you're moving forward. You haven't given up. Remember it's not a competition, your not failing or coming in last. The Hare and the Tortoise both finish the race in the end. The only difference is, the tortoise remembered to enjoy the view along the way.