Why it's ok to be Weird

Do you have a wonderful passion that everyone else thinks is a little bit weird? Do you have an amazing idea for a business or career that is a little bit, off the wall? Or you really really good at something that͛’s a little bit unique? My BBB (Best Business Buddy) is a Romance Coach. Her passion is to help people find the love of their lives by first learning to love themselves. However, she also likes to play the Ukulele. Which she developed as a hobby which led to her being asked to take over a group, which she now developed into a business sideline which branched off into playing gigs at the weekend and, more importantly, developing an online Ukulele school. How does this relate to romance? On the surface? Not one single bit! How does it relate to her business? Two fold. 1. Several times a week she does something that absolutely lights her up and makes her happy. (Law of attraction anyone?!) and 2. To teach people, you have to talk to them. Whne she gets talking love, romance and partners come up too. And boom she finds all the clients she needs. My hobby is hairdressing. I thrive on change and love being creative. At the moment, I have fire hair! (Which I did myself thank you very much) how does that relate to being a coach? When I walk into a room, everyone notices me. I stand out in a crowd. And people come and chat to me. People stop me in the street to talk. And when I talk, 99% of the time I find they have a problem that I can help them with and I get to light someone up. Which is pretty awesome. Now, not every hair brained weird skill is transferable to business. In order to make your one weird thing successful is to know deep down that this is the thing that you were put on the earth to do. That you are the best in the world and you are amazing at this shit. And it doesn͛t really matter what that shit is. This blog is all about the power success. Of having faith in your own power and knowing deep down that you are meant to do something amazing on this big ole rock we call earth. Even if that thing is weird. Take Muhammad Ali for example. He punched people dead ͚ard (as we say here in Liverpool) in the face for a living. And he was fucking amazing at it. And he pursued it with all his heart and passion. And what happened? He not only became a world champion, but he also became a world LEADER! He stood up in protest against the Vietnam War. He fought against racism and was a campaigner for social change and campaigned for racial integration with Malcom X. He was also a political activist, a philosopher, philanthropist, musician, actor and humanitarian who (according to an article by Greatest Sports Heroes of All Times: North American Edition. 2006) fed an estimated 22 million people in poverty. Did Muhammad Ali know what was in his future? Probably not. As a light bearer he may have had an inkling. But what matters is that he trusted his instincts. He pursued his passion with everything he had. To quote from my favourite book The Alchemist, He ͞fought the good fight͟. And he was a winner through and through. Because he followed his passion. And in doing so he changed the world for the better. So it͛s ok to be a bit weird. To like other things that people find weird. To have passions and interests that you know, deep down, in some way, the world needs. Because if in doing that thing, it makes other people smile. Then go and bring that to the world. The word needs more smiles my friend. And who knows where that path will lead?

Image courtesy of  David Avacado Wolfe

Image courtesy of David Avacado Wolfe