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When Dreams Come True

Tonny and I have just celebrated our 20 year anniversary. (I know shocking right!) but now we’ve got four kids (with 2 under age 3) going out together is a bit of a mission, and quite frankly a headache for my poor Mum who has to babysit. (I don’t trust ANYONE with my kids) But 20 years is a huge achievement and I wanted to celebrate. And to be fair after 20 years, its bloody hard to find a gift that you haven’t already given. So, I thought, mmmm what can I do now? Last year I was in hospital for our anniversary so we wanted to really celebrate. So what did we do? We went for a few pints and some nacho’s and chickenwings. Not the big romantic meal one might expect. (Hey we’ve done the whole champagne and candle light before. After the first few times it loses it magic. Your eyes hurt ‘coz the lights too dim. The food and champagne is nice but so is a good pint. I’m not trying to impress anyone. I dealt with my ego a long time ago. Sometimes there’s nothing better then a cold beer after a long days work). Anyway being sleep deprived because of the babies for the last 3 years, we couldn’t be arsed with a big ol’ shebang. So I was happy to dress down for once (yes that does still include 3” high heals, hair and make up done. It is ME after all!) But I did want to make it special. So I gave my husband: a dream come true.

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Tonny has always wanted to go to Oktoberfest. But we’ve never quite been able to get round to it. So instead of a trinket like a nice watch, or something that will be lost in a draw, I gave him a happy memory instead. An adventure. But because I couldn’t go, rather than miss out, I paid for his brother to go too. Why? Because money (once you understand its gift) isn’t important. It’s a tool. Creating happy memories was more important to me then who creates them. Some (insecure) people have thought I was mad. ‘What you’re paying for them to go to Germany and get pissed while you stay stuck at home with four kids? What if he cheats on you?’ Me: What if he has an amazing time and remembers that life can be an adventure. And what if I’m teaching our kids (by example) that its ok not to live in fear? To trust and to know that if he was going to cheat, nothing I did would stop it because people only cheat when they’re unhappy? So actually, by giving him something fun to do, he will be happy. He will be renewed. He’ll blow off steam like we all need to do (especially when you’ve got kids) and what if we all just remember that life is for living. Not for living in fear of lack or loss.

I’ve given my husband the gift of a dream come true and honestly, it feels amazing. They flew out yesterday and as the adventure begins and I can’t wait to see what they get up to. Because that’s what life’s really about. Exploring. Whether it’s new places or new ideas or even just meeting new people or trying new food. It so easy to get stuck in the comfort zone of routine. But fear is a choice. What would the world be like for you if you started aiming for your dreams instead of forgetting you had them? When was the last time you had an adventure? When did you fulfil a dream? More importantly when are you going to start crossing things off your bucket list? Tell me, when your old and decrepit and your teeth have fallen out, what memories will you be looking back on???

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