Energetic Vampires and What to do about them

 Energy vampires and How to deal with them

We all have that one person in our life that you think Ahhh I can’t be doing with you today. The people who drain you. Who will suck the life out of you. And that’s because they do. Not on purpose. They’re not evil! But they do make you feel lousy. Now it’s pretty tough if that person is a loved one. And God help you if it’s your partner! Because what happens is: life, nature, energy, is always struggling to balance itself out. Opposites attract. The ebb and flow of the tide, osmosis in nature, good and bad, yin and yang. Vibrational energy is a fascinating topic and I’ll talk more in depth about it another time but for the time being:

Imagine you’re a big old smart phone wobbling through the world (Go on imagine it. It’ll make you laugh, especially if you’re in a busy place) Now you’ve had a busy day and you didn’t sleep well but you know life is good and you’re an optimistic person so your energy levels are usually rocking round the 80% mark. But your Bluetooth is on. And then you get to work and that dude who get’s on your nerves is in. S/he is a miserable sod and they are always complaining and bitching about something. Their car wouldn’t start, they moaned about loosing their keys for a whole week! And when you sit next to them, as the day wears on, you feel yourself feeling more and more wound up. Your energy levels start to drop and you get pissed off at little things that shouldn’t bother you but they really do. This is because when someone is radiating at a very low vibration they will naturally pull energy from a higher vibration person. Their Bluetooth is on too and they’re just all up in there taking whatever they need while you’ll left wonder wtf is going on.

Now most energetic vampires aren’t aware they’re doing it. EV’s are usually people who are going through a really rough time lately. Or have had a really, really bad childhood. They get stuck in their own pain and sorrow and don’t know how to pull themselves out of it because to them it’s their normal. They don’t know the world can be different. Poor things.

Other people are quite happy in their misery. The ones who look forward to things going wrong so they have something to complain about. They’ve had a shit life and seem to be pissed off waiting to die. (Im thinking of grumpy pensioners here obviously) Now there are people who are aware they’re doing it but probably don’t realise why it makes them feel good. These people thrive on bringing other people down to their level because it bolsters them up. These are usually the husband or wife beaters, the boss at work who loves to bully you, the criminals and other unsavoury souls who thrive on other people pains. These are the people who will criticise you but pass it off with a smile like it’s a compliment. Watch out for the crafty ones, they can be charming one minute and a twat the next. Narcissist are definitely energetic vampires. The crafty ones are the ones who get you on a high before they bring you down.

Now sometimes we can’t avoid these people. They’re just in our lives as a partner or a neighbour or (worst of all) a boss. So the way your protect yourself is to ground yourself. It’s very easy and you can learn to do it HERE

But what you should do, is also remember that these people are the way they are because someone stole their light too. They will have been through bad times and probably had no one to help them. And yes we all go through bad times. But having worked with the public for 15 years and met literally hundreds of thousands of people in course of my career, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that there are three types of people.

1. There are those people who let their pain consume them. It’s those people who’s pain is so bad they can’t find a way out so it burns their goodness away. The alcoholics, the drug addicts, the people who end up rough sleepers or end up abusers themselves.

2. Those who take their pain go “My life sucks” and then do it again, and again and again. The people who move from one abusive relationship to the next. Who stay in a job no matter how much they hate it, no matter how bad it gets. These are the people who fail to see the lesson because they are scared of change. So they repeat it over and over again. And it’s heart breaking to watch if you know someone like this.

3. Those who take their pain, inspect it, learn from it and move on. The high achievers, the ones who don’t quit. The ones who people go, “Well it’s ok for them, their life’s perfect. They’re dead lucky” They’re not. You just won’t know their down because they ain’t down for long.  People like me who heal their own pain so they can help others heal theirs. They become teachers, therapists or that wonderful boss who makes you feel amazing. These are the high vibration people who willing share their energy.

So what to do about energetic vampires? Well first ground yourself the second you realise you’re dealing with one. (Learn this Here) And as they try to bring you down just wish a load of love on them. Pray (if your that way inclined) for them to find true love and happiness. Imagine a cloak of white light and mentally wrap it round them. Pull up a feeling of love or joy and wrap it round them. It won’t drain you but it will help them. There’s a little child living in all of us. Some of those children need more love then others. A mental hug if you like. As John Lennon said,

All you need is love.

PS: Obviously this post refers to people you may meet on a day to day basis. If you are living with an energetic vampire, especially if it’s an abusive relationship you can’t help them because of the energy draining vampires narcissistic personality you can send all the love you like at the fucker, but it won’t change a damn thing.

You can’t change other people, only yourself. And while I can help you change your world, dealing with problem relationships isn’t my zone of genius. But there are other people out there who can help just googele support groups in your area or on facebook.

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