Muggles and Madness Oh MY!

So following on from last weeks run in with a Born Again Christian, this week I wanted to say: Beware of Muggles!

So my good friend (and famous artist) LostHills_ were having a good old chat the other day about weird and wonderful stuff. We were talking about the power of the moon and how he really feels more creative under a Full Moon so that’s when he works on his main pieces. Then we started taking about grounding yourself and the ebb and flow of energy and how tricky life can be when your empathic. You know the usual sort of conversation you have on a Monday morning!

So I was telling him about my run in with the Born Again Christian which was really weird. Being a healer and a life coach (and empathic) I often sense things from people and often bump into random people who need my help. It nearly always happens when I’m running late. For example a few months ago I was running late and missed my train. Having done lots of work on my personal development I didn’t let it worry me because I knew there must be a reason. My next train came and off I went.

When I got off the train I was walking along the deserted platform and as I got to the end there was a women there who looked really lost and confused. I asked her if she was ok (Im a northerner, that’s what we do) She said “Do you know the way to the trains?” I said yes and pointed back the way I came.

Now the station is a very well marked and easy to navigate but she looked really disoriented. So I chatted to her for a few more minutes and she said that she been really forgetful lately so I told her how I used to be the same until I stopped eating wheat. I was also able to tell her that her asthma and eczema where probably caused by dairy intolerance as I was able to ‘cure’ myself of asthma even though I had had it for over 30 years. (Wow that makes me sound old!)

Basically, I did what I always do, I knowledge bombed the poor women! But, she was grateful for the information and we went our separate ways.

So when the Born Again Christian lady stopped me in the middle of the (deserted) street and told me that she felt drawn to me because “I or someone I know is going through a tough time and God told me to pray for you” I had to laugh. I was in fact on my way to counselling and this was the first time I’d been on the receiving end of a street healing bomb.

However, I happened to say to this women “Oh that’s lovely. I’m a psychic medium and often get drawn to people who need my help” and then she looked at me like I had literally turned into the Devil! She back peddled quicker then a duck on speed and started trying to tell me that it was the Devil whispering in my ear and to be wary.

Now to be honest this really pissed me off. I’ve had run ins with dark side so I know the difference. I’ve always been intuitive since I was a very little girl. I pointed out to her that I am very much a healer, I was raised a Catholic and I see my ‘gifts’ as gifts from God or whatever you want to call the higher energy. It obviously didn’t occur to her that the voices she was hearing could also be from the darkside or that she (or I) might be schizophrenic. I know im weird. But im wise enough to know that I everything I’ve ever learned about angels and spiritualism might be completely wrong too.  I might be completely nuts. So might she. Who knows?

So, not only did I have to convince this women I’m not an agent of the Devil, but I also had to say out loud, that I believe in Jesus because apparently bad people can’t say Jesus without dissolving into a puddle or something. (Im melting!)


So when I was telling my mate LostHills_ he thought it was hilarious. He was like, “You know what Queenie, people like us just see a world full of magic. People like her can’t see passed what they’ve been told to see which is really really sad” He was laughing at the sheer irony of little me (who wants to heal the world) being suspect of being an agent of darkness and he said, “See, you’ve got to be wary of these Muggles. They just don’t get it!”

So my friend if you’re a Muggle, good for you. If you’re holding magic inside of you that you’d love to bring to the world, then come and hang around with us. To quote the Cheshire Cat

“We’re all mad here!”

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