Chin up sunshine, you can do it

So morning are pretty tough for me at the moment. I sacrificed my car in order to be able to afford a beautiful brand new four bedroom house. (Nope im not a 6 figure coach yet – but I’m fucking working on it😉) So mornings involve getting three out of four kids up, fed, dressed and out the door with two on scooters and the little’un going hell bent on his balance bike. We cross busy roads so I have my back pack on with my whatever business files I need for that week and my laptop (my gorgeous bags are thrown in the back of the wardrobe along with my stilettos because they aint very kid friendly, even if they are fabulous😭 ) Seriously, who knew the laptop lifestyle could be so damn heavy?!

After dropping the little’un off, panicking all the way in case something terrible happens (damn you strategic brain) I drop the two eldest off and head back towards my office carrying my bag and their scooters. Which are HEAVY because they are 3 wheeled and light up. And they are pretty awesome to be fair.

But I noticed something today, as I gently got soaked by the poring spring rain.

Photo by  Eric Sanman  from  Pexels

Photo by Eric Sanman from Pexels

I began to stoop. As the weight of the scooters dragged on my arms and my back began to fatigue after an hours worth of rushing, I started to wilt.

But because I’m me and I’m stubborn I immediately pulled myself up rather then admit defeat. And that’s when it hit me.

How important it is to stall tall.

How every now and again, when we feel the weight of life pushing on our shoulders. Crushing us under it’s weight, not always fully, but just enough to make us stoop.

Our natural reaction: to pull ourselves in and try to shrink as we plod along.

But don’t.

Please don’t.

Stand tall my friend.

The world needs you. You are an amazing spark of life and the world needs your gifts. Don’t believe me? Just take a minute and think of all the nice things you’ve done in this world.

All the people you’ve made smile. All the laughs you’ve had. You did that. You gave that gift to someone else. A smile on a train. A spare pen when someone needed one. A hot and passionate caress on a cold winters night.  A hug to a friend who needed a shoulder to cry on.

You did that. You gave those gifts to people, all down the length of your life. A brief moment that may have meant the world to someone else.

You’re happiness shines through all the crap. So you must nurture that spark within you. It’s the only thing that really matters.

To nurture the light within ourselves,

Because when you find it in yourself to shine, you light up the people around you. You make them happy too, just by being you.

So listen dude, and listen good.

Are you going to stoop or are you going to pull yourself up and stand tall?

The choice is up to you