The Power of No! (and what we can learn from a good pint)

Photo by  from  Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

So this weekend I was a wee bit stressed. So come Saturday night, after a long day juggling 4 kids, 4 meal times a poorly husband, housework and washing, by 8pm I needed a drink. Big time!

So I had a couple of beers in the fridge and poured myself a little larger and lime. I don’t normally drink at home, in fact, it’s very rare that I even have beer in the house. I only normal drink beer when I’m clubbing because bars in Liverpool are really busy and I drink too fast to waste a good night out queuing at the bar all night. But, I digress.

So I poured my beer in a glass, while I slumped on the couch with a big sigh of relief that my work for the day was done. Having quickly downed half my beer (as you do) I topped it up. But because I was knackered and not paying attention, I chucked it in any old way. And it quickly turned into half a pint of quickly raising foam.

And I wasn’t having it.

I couldn’t be bothered.

If that glass had foamed over I would have had to drag my tired arse the toilet to wash my hands, change my pjs and clean up the couch and carpet which are cream and brand spanking new.

So, I looked pointedly at my glass, pissed off and told it, in no uncertain terms, No.

And it carried on raising, teetering on the edge, just like a naughty kid, fraying on your last nerve.

So I glared at it and said point blank: NO!

And do you know what happened? It stopped.

Fizzing on the rim like no ones business. But it didn’t dare go over.

When I finished glaring at my glass Tonny looked at me in shock.

Then burst out laughing. ‘I can’t believe you’ve just done that’ he said ‘I can’t believe you’ve made that beer stop’

Because it should of gone over. But as I said to Tonny,

‘I just wasn’t going to accept a future with that beer foaming over was going to be my reality’ because I really couldn’t cope with one more stressful thing that day. I didn’t accept it, so it didn’t materialise. The law of attraction, used to my advantage.

And that’s what I wanted to talk about this week. The power of No.

Of saying, do you know what, I’ve had enough and I’m not taking any more of this crap. Because we’re taught to be managed. For life to rule us. For us to react. But some of us are fortunate enough to learn there’s a better way. That you can be in the drivers seat. That it’s ok to go after the things you want. Or push away the things you don’t want.

You create your reality. You can act instead of waiting to react.

You are the driving force in your life. Be brave enough to go after the life you’ve always dreamed of. Say NO! to anything that doesn’t feel good.

Don’t accept anything other than a future you love. Get in the drivers seat and put you’re bloody foot down. It’s your life. Make the most of it.

And for god sake, don’t ever waste beer!