When more then enough stops you succeeding

So something really random occurred to me recently. Now obviously being an entrepreneur, im on the hunt for my first and reoccurring millions. Now there is a pretty awesome reason for this. Not for glory or gold. But for something that will change the world. But I’ll talk about that another day. NO, the thing I wanted to talk to you about is being comfortable with more than enough.

Image courtesy of  The Walt Disney Company  and Johnny Depp

Image courtesy of The Walt Disney Company and Johnny Depp

Which is pretty random. As I’ve already written this weeks blog, but the powers that be are nudging me to write about excess and being comfortable with more than enough. (Which is probably a baaad idea as I’m currently riding a Rum filled buzz. But hey when heaven calls we have to answer, right?)

So there’s someone out there who needs to read this today. So here you go. My rum filled insight.

When your life has hit the pan and finances are non existent we find ourselves living in ‘not enough’. Now finances are a spectrum disorder. And you can find yourself anywhere on that spectrum.  From no were near enough, to living in spectacular abundance.

But what I learned from going bankrupt, and from later investing several thousand in studying money mindset, is that it’s very difficult to quantum leap the stages. As some great philosopher said (Possibly Richard Brandson or maybe Morgan Freeman I can’t remember) There are no short cuts to success. Everyone has to take the stairs.

And what I’ve learned is that our upper limit may at first be not enough. Where each week your minus something. At one piant My family of 4 was living on £100 per week but our rent was £105! That’s without food, petrol, gas electric and all the other necessaties of life! But what I learned was that once you are aware of that self limiting belief (that there is never enough) you can work towards having just enough. You know those weeks were you’re not flushed, but you’re not scrabbling for your last few bob to get a loaf of bread.

And once we reach that point on a consecutive basis we can work towards having more than enough. For me this was simply a conscious effort for each week to leave £10 in the account. The ten became twenty.

But what that lesson taught me was that having more than enough was a vastly out of my comfort zone. Ever noticed how when you get a pay raise within a few months your budget is up to its hilt again? Earning an extra few hundred a month? What do we do? Get a bigger house, more expensive car, more expensive holidays! Because although our income has changed, out spending habits haven’t and money mindset hasn’t! Because our income level is set to just enough and we have to work at being comfortable of having more then enough!

And it is this. This! That holds us back. From financial freedom. From living your wildest dreams because having more than enough is alien to most of us. No matter how much we earn.

And do you know how this presented to me? Every where!

Don’t give the kids too much juice. Too much time in the paddling pool. Too many beers at a BBQ. Don’t spend too long at the gym. Or waste too much time doing your hair! Don’t over indulge, don’t take more than is fair -  how many times do we hear that growing up? Only take a fair share!

But there isn’t a limiti! The pie doesn’t shrink with each potion, the pie expands to all those who need it. That is the nature of the law of attraction. To fill your own cup and in doing so let more flow!

So what’s the secret? Simply my friend: to get comfortable with having more than your fair share. Tough isn’t it? And I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way but rather then it goes so against our nature. We are born wanting everything in the world. All the wonder and joy. But we are taught if we take too much, it’s selfish. There are people in need.

But what would you do with the excess? Squirrel it away or bring more joy to the people around you? I know what my pre-set is. Giving to others comes easy . Having abundance for ourselves takes a little more work.

So go forth my friend. Seek out abundance for just your pleasure. Find the memories that tell you this was a bad thing. Do you want to know what it was for me? Do you want to know how singularly shocking it was? Where all this ‘too much is bad’ stemmed from?

When I was at a school party when I was 5 I there was a class party and I ate so many sweets I threw up! And this. Fucking THIS is what has been keeping me small! How pathetic is that? The five year old brain holding me back. If I have too much or if I give too much to my kids it will make them ill! How pathetic is that?

So my question to you is this: What would happen if you had more than your fair share? What would the cost be? Who would suffer? And more importantly: where the hell does that stupid memory come from?

Then and only then can you set yourself free, when you can live comfortably with more than enough. That is our right. To live in abundance. All of us. Not just the determined few xx