Are you resonating or resisting?

So as some of you know I’m very into spiritualism, woo woo stuff and magik. However I am also a major geek with a passion for science and the reason I love woo woo stuff like the Law of attraction is because I understand and love the laws of physics , metaphysics and quantum mechanics.

When we think of the law of attraction we think of manifesting like a form of magik. If I make a wish it may or may not come true. But what I wanted to speak to you today about is this: You are a walking mass of vibrating atoms. And if you imagine that for a minute, it’s pretty mind boggling. Like where do you begin and the floor stops? What holds us all together? If I cuddle my kids do we merge on subatomic level just for a minute?

I don’t have the answers, but I do know that our bodies are vibrating or should I say harmonising. And by shifting our thoughts, feelings and actions we can shift our vibration. You can also do this by singing, mediating (This is why the OM mantra is a big thing as it changes the vibration in your meridians) eating the right foods, laughing and if Messages in Water is to be believed, just the words we use can have a massive effect on our vibration and therefor our happiness.

But what really got me thinking was a post I saw on a friends face book feed which said:

Are you resonating or are you resisting?

And it blew me away.

Such a simple but life changing statement. Are you: your body your mind your actions vibrating in line with the life you want to live or are you resisting it on a subatomic level!?

So one of the big things I’m consciously in line with is attracting more business (Obviously. I’ve got a world to change dudes and that takes money as well as positive action) But actually I realised that I am subconsciously resisting it.

I’m not in line with it at all because when I think of taking on more clients I get a block in my solar plexus because I already invest  90% of my time in the 4 little superstars im raising at home and the thought of giving any more energy to anyone is daunting to say the least. Even though I know I love it, even though I know I’m helping people fulfill their dreams, even though I know its changing the world. But if im honest, I just can’t be arsed!

And that’s ok. Because I recognise it’s actually a form of fear of success. Because I recognise I don’t have to burn myself out any more. I chose not to be part of the rat race any more, so why would I put so much pressure on myself? Because I’ve achieved everything I wanted to this year. Because I stayed in resonance with the things I wanted. NOT the things I thought I should have.

So I wanted to ask you: this life you dream of? These things you want? Are you resonating with them or are you resonating with resistance? Because once you’re aware of it, you can shift it.

When you think of that thing, what do you sense in your body? A feeling of ease and joy or a sense of closer? Of a metaphysical wall going up?

Because your thoughts actions and beliefs change your resonance. So if you want that thing but don’t physically feel you can or should be allowed to have it, you’re never going to manifest it.

I think, therefore I am.

I resonate therefore I attract.

Or I resist therefore I repel.

The choice, as always, is yours my friend