What does success look like?

Hint: Sometimes it looks like a kick in the teeth

So I’ll be honest. Patience is so NOT my virtue. I want everything done and I want it done yesterday. My brain works in a really high gear so I find it really frustrating doing anything slow. Now my life is in a huge transition at the mo. Now it might just be Mercury being a bit of a nob again but my world is definitely on the up level. Now what is interesting for you to know is that some time positive change feels really uncomfortable.

Let me explain. At the minute my finances are shot to shit because we’ve just moved into a beautiful 4 bedroom house and filled it full of beautiful new furniture. Im recovering from PTSD and am living in a constant state of anxiety (due to the PTSD) Im exhausted pretty much constantly (coz ya know two toddlers waking up at stupid o’clock will do that to a soul)  and im pivoting my business so im not making any profit at the minute.

So what does that mean for you, dear reader? What I means is that when we think we get the life we want, we think it will arrive with smiles and a marching band trumpeting in its arrival. Ta daaaaa! Here it is! The life you’ve always dreamed of!

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What I didn’t expect, and what you probably didn’t either, is that changing your life can actually be painful, uncomfortable emotionally, and stressful as f***

Yes im skint, because I have a beautiful new house full of shiny new stuff (that was on my vision board) Kids screaming through the night – I always dreamed of having a house full of amazing little mini me’s running around, business in flux – I dreamed that I would one day walk out on stage talking to thousands of people, giving them hope. But as Richard Branson said “You can’t be big in business without starting out small’ and it takes years to be an over night success.

So whilst all these situations im working through at the minute are stressful as f***, they are actually the process in which my dreams are coming to reality. ‘Coz guess what? It’s like giving birth. You cook those dreams for years, you work diligently towards those goals. Having a few kicks along the way. Being terrified but committing to it anyway. Then one day boom, the pains start. But are you keep going no matter what or you gona cower away? Because once you get through the really painful part you learn to have faith.

That’s the point of all the pain!

To give you faith in yourself and your own amazing capabilities.

Faith that what you want will come along eventually.

But you have to recognise it when it does. Now if I was still afflicted by what I like to call ‘Poor Me Syndrome’, I’d be walling in self pity about how stressful life is right now. But I recognise this is my birthing process. This is the transition point of my life (again. Coz yeah, you’ll go through it more then once!) but what I wanted to tell you, was what my daughter said this morning when we were talking about how we’ll live when we’re milllionaires and she said

 ‘Great now all we have to do is wait for that future to appear’

Because that’s what you do. You set the vision for your life and you work towards it no matter what. Thrive on failure, expect it to be a challenge, but have faith that it’ll all work out in the end.

My beautiful amazing wise beyond her years little girl, reminded me that I manifested this future but as im finally drawing it in to me, I started to slip into old bad mental habits and was beginning to panic because it felt uncomfortable.

Well of course it does! It’s a whole new life im living. One my brain isn’t used to! So instead of stressing, I see the gifts I am being given. The new life I’ve been gifted and if it feels uncomfortable now, well, that’s ok. We have to mentally rise up to meet these new challenges and learn to be comfortable with the new uncomfortable.

So when your life goes to pot and on the surface it looks like all hell is breaking loose, take a closer look my friend, because underneath the cracks, an amazing new life might be immerging.

Pain is temporary but happiness, well, that’s worth fighting for.