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Lucky Bamboo

It’s frustrating isn’t it, when you have all these big dreams. When you work hard for years but sometimes feel like you’re not making progress. To everyone around you, you seem to be though. Maybe you have a nice family and a good car. A beautiful home and are well paid. A life to be envious of? But deep down, you still feel unsatisfied. For me the progress I’ve made doesn’t seem enough and I’m about to move into a £200k house! But if I’m honest, it’s just not enough. Because I have a very big vision of the world I want to live in. Yes it includes nice cars and homes, luxury holidays and designer stilettos. But actually, after spending 3 years working on my Money Mindset, I’ve come to realise, the money will always come but it’s the work that’s important. The money was my driving force but actually, my soul is yearning for something bigger. And that’s why I always feel unsatisfied. Because I feel unfulfilled.

So I pulled an oracle card for myself last night, in the hopes of some clarity, as you do; and as always, it hit the nail on the head. My deck is depicted with beautiful images of Kuan Yin (By Alana Fairchild). Kuan Yin is a Buddhist Diety often depicted with many arms, each holding a different tool. And that resonates with me because of the amount of different skills I have.

The beauty of Kuan Yin is that she never knows which tools are needed, she trusts that she will have the right one available when she needs it. Like a centipede with a hundred legs; she just trusts that she won’t fumble or get caught up in herself. She trusts her instincts and her journey and knows that she we be able to cope with whatever comes along. When you’re walking, you don’t have to think about what your legs, bones and muscles need to do, do you? You just walk and eventually you get to where you want to go. Kuan Yin has faith that she has the right tool and will know whats needed so she has faith that it will all turn out as it’s meant to, so why worry? (Analysis Paralysis we call it in the business world)

So I pulled this beautiful card and it talked about the power of bamboo. I’m pining for something bigger then myself right now which I find incredibly annoying and frustrating. Patients in not one of my virtues! But the card reminded me of Bamboo. For years it hides underground. Digging in its roots, absorbing the rain, building its strength. Changing on a cellular level. But from above, well it’s just dirt isn’t it? But once the timing is right, Bamboo goes through a massive acceleration and grows to massive heights seemingly overnight.

So what I wanted to say to you this week is: what if you (and I) just have faith that everything we need to support us is going on behind the scenes. And when the timing is right, everything and everyone will pop up just when it’s needed to help you grow into this amazing person the world needs you to be.

The acorn doesn’t panic it’s not going to become an Oak. It just accepts that’s where it will end up someday. So trust that you are growing, every single day. Everything you need will be provided, when the timing is right. Trust in the process. Gather your strength. And have faith that you’ll be ready when the time comes.

Oracle Deck by  Alana Fairchild  illustrated by Zeng Hao

Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild illustrated by Zeng Hao