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So let’s face it, life is pretty tough sometimes. And to be honest, I’m going through a rough time at the minute, as so many of us are (You can read about this HERE if you’re having a bad time too). I’ve got 4 children. My two eldest have ADHD and my two youngest well, the baby is cutting her molars (poor baby) and my two year old is right in the mix of the terrible two’s! My house is LOUD and coming to visit us isn’t for the faint hearted. And just as we come up to the crazy run up to Christmas, we are about to move into a new house with no furniture (and only a hope and a prayer (and the Law of attraction) to make sure it all gets delivered in time for Christmas). I’ve got two products to develop and launch: one before Christmas and one for the New Year. Plus 4 kids with various coughs, colds and snotty noses. Needless to say I am sleep deprived and STRESSED. And as we so often do when we are stressed, we slip into a negative mindset. So this week I wanted to tell you a quick piece of advice if you’re feeling stressed too.

I was lying in bed a few months ago. My eldest daughter was snuggled next to me. I was thinking of the terrible shooting that had occurred in yet another school in America. I was getting really upset thinking God, imagine all those parents getting their kids ready for school like I will be in a minute. Packing their lunches, reminding them to pack their homework or PE kit. Giving them a hug and kiss as they left. Not realising that they would never, ever get the chance to do that again. Just a normal school day. Like any other. Except that on that day, their children never came home.

And I lay there, my heart breaking for all those poor parents.

So with tears in my eyes, I cuddled my Bella closer to me; so grateful for a moment shared in comfort and peace.

She had a faint smile on her lips so I asked her,

‘What are you thinking of sweetheart?’

And she answered in a way that absolutely floored me. It changed my life forever.

‘Flowers and Roses Mummy’ she said.

I was confused. ‘What do mean love? There’s no flower’s in here’

‘I know’ she said. ‘But I was looking at how pretty the sequins are on the curtains. The way the light is hitting them, it makes them sparkle and they reminded me of flowers and roses Mummy. They look soooo beautiful’

And in that moment, my world shifted. Because I had forgotten one of my core beliefs. The thing that I tell my clients of over and over again: That happiness is a CHOICE.

It’s so so easy to find and focus on the negative stuff in the world. But just a slight shift in perspective changes it all. As we get older it’s so easy to fall into the trap of seeing the world through a negative filter.

But children are so precious. They see the world through a completely different lens. Well nurtured children are so happy. They have so much love to bring to the world, these amazing little beings of light. We can learn a lot from them.

So the next time you think the world is shit, you’ve got to make a conscious effort to shift your thoughts. (Sometimes it takes a huge effort) and remember, as my Bella so eloquently put it, to ALWAYS look for the Flowers and Roses.