The path to enlightenment usually starts by life kicking you in the teeth when you’re already down”
- Queenie

You know that bad thing you went through? When you felt like you’d been sucka punched by the life; when it felt like you’d been shattered into a million pieces and you didn’t now if you’d ever be the same again

Well, even if you think you’re over it, guess what? Those life blows, they’re still hiding in there, secretly sabotaging your happiness:

Like those times when you blow your top and are screaming at your kids because they’ve wound you up

Or when you upset your partner and say hateful, nasty things because you just can’t seem to stop yourself

Or all those times you worry terrible things are going happen, even though you know you know your being stupid

Or those times when you sit in a quiet place letting the tears quietly fall, feeling so, so, alone; but then your family come in and you plaster a smile on your face, pick yourself up and pretend your fine, even though your heart is secretly breaking but you’re too strong to let your tears show

The bad things you went through, yeah, they planted seeds. And no matter what you do, those bad thoughts will keep coming back

because those dirty little weeds are hiding way down in your subconscious and they’re stopping you reaching your full potential for happiness

But i’m gonna teach you how to dig them out.

Because I’ve been through hell too and I know how bad it can get.

I was in the London bombings, was nearly raped, had to go bankrupt, nearly died of pneumonia, and thats not even half of it!

I’ve overcome depression

And kicked anxieties arse

I overcame PTSD and

I claimed back my happiness.

And now you can too.

You can live a life without those shadows hanging over you

You can have a life that’s consistently happy

and i’m gonna give it to you for free.

No catch

No strings attached

Just a happier healthy you because its time to start fighting back. It’s time to reclaim your happiness

So welcome to Queenies Free Trauma Recovery Kit

You’ll find everything you need below including: how PTSD affects the brain, how to get rid of anxiety, how depression affects you, are PTSD and anxiety the same, how do I know if ive got PTSD, (ok you can stop reading now, im just listing these so other people wandering round on google can find my help too!) will depression go away, what depression really looks like, when PTSD is triggered, why PTSD happens, does anxiety go away, will depression go away, how can PTSD be cured, can depression be cured, what is anxiety, PTSD after car accident, PTSD where to get help

In love & light Dude



You don’t have to watch this video if you don’t want to (It’s on for quite a while) but I talk about all the terrible things I’ve been through and how it made me the strong leader that I am today. Because I wasn’t always confident. I wasn’t always strong. There were times I was too scared to leave the house. Too frightened to stand up for myself. Times when I was broken and beaten and had my heart shattered into a million pieces. But from the ashes of our own personal hell, we can pick ourselves up and come back stronger and that’s my gift to you. To show you that you, like me, are a survivor 😘 (Run time 1hr 35 minutes)



It’s this little sucker that’s stopping you getting over it

(9 Minutes)


Have you got it, what it feels like and how it might be ruining your happiness

(7 Minutes)


My top tips for things to avoid

(22 mintues)



Just when things start to get better, this little bugger can put you right back to square one again

(4 minutes)


This is the sneaky reason why your bad experiences might still be ruining your life

(12 minutes)

6 - CBT

Rewire your brain so it wont worry about stupid things that haven’t happened yet

(10 minutes)


7 - EFT

An easy to do technique that will beak down negative thoughts and get rid of physical pains

(16 minutes)


All my top tips for how I overcame depression, anxiety and PTSD

(42 minutes)


Cannabis oil: is it legal, what does it do, what it feels like and how it helped me

(5 minutes)



The one sneaky reason you might be hold you back, keeping you small and stop you from reaching true happiness

(8 minutes)


How you can learn to love your whole self again, despite these bad things you’ve been through

(5 minutes)


My last words as you go off on your healing journey 😘

(14 minutes)

Photo by   fabioluizph   from   Pexels

Photo by fabioluizph from Pexels


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Well dude, I hope you’ve found my Trauma recovery kit helpful. Just so you know I’m always creating new videos, blogs and other resources to help you navigate this crazy life. If you wanna get them straight to your inbox you can sign up at the bottom, i’d love you to be part of my ever growing clan!

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In love and light dude,

Namaste - Queenie