Barman to Investment Banking By Lawrence Glennon

I met Queenie through university when I took myself back to re-train, this was a particularly stressful time as I was trying to balance studies, work and a household. On several occasions I had wanted to leave believing I would be better off in the job that I had left previously in order to work and just ‘get on’, to accept that that was probably my lot in life, Queenie on the other hand had numerous discussions with me where by she helped me understand my self worth and potential, that I needn’t settle in a rut, that I could change my direction, even against a tide of contrary evidence and difficult situations.

 I finished University with excellent marks and renewed confidence but with a down turn in the job market I struggled to find a job that I truly wanted and again worked to make ends meet. Queenie again discussed the limitations facing me and showed me a way of thinking and doing things that not only helped me feel positive but gave me renewed vigour in the pursuit of my true future.

I started applying  for work that was different from the narrow field that I had limited myself to and realised that with my approach and attitude that Queenie had helped develop I could in fact turn my skills and expertise to differing applications.

 I now work for an Investment Company in the City with the future that Queenie had seen in my potential, that I hadn’t seen or at least daren’t dream achieve anymore, I honestly believe that without the guidance and coaching that Queenie provided for me I would still be in a situation where I wasn’t achieving my potential and living day to day in a life that wasn’t for me.

Believe me, I understand sometimes its difficult to see what you could achieve when faced with so many difficulties daily, but I truly suggest you do something great with your life and take the first step by speaking to Queenie!

Image protected by copytight 2018 L.Glennon

Image protected by copytight 2018 L.Glennon

Karen - problem: felt unfulfilled in work

Karen has a very caring nature and always dreamed of working as a nurse. But as Mum of 3 and with a successful career, she didn’t know how she could peruse her dream. She just couldn’t figure out how she could squeeze a new career into an all ready busy life.

She’s now volunteers one day a week at her local hospital, fulfilling that hole in her heart that yearns to help those in need. It’s also giving her a taste of whether or not she will pursue it as a career when her youngest child goes to full time school. Win win😉

Patsy - Problem: she hated her job but couldn’t afford to leave

Patsy stuck in a job that she hated and was making her ill. She was so frustrated juggling her children and being miserable all the time with her job. This came to head when she ended up being signed off work with depression. After much soul searching Patsy has just been accepted at university to study law as it has always been her dream to work with young offenders. She is no longer struggling with the pressure of a job she hates, has balanced her finances and found a way to work around her busy family life without sacrificing her health.

Michelle - was looking for a new career once her children started school

Michelle had always worked hard and had a degree in Business but once her children she, like many Mums, took a career break. While she loved being at home with her children, she missed the buzz of a busy working environment and adult conversation. Instead of going straight back into an unfulling career that simply paid the bills, we discussed the options of really living her dream job and what that would look like. She initially decided to go to college to train as a chef because her dream had always been to own her own restaurant. However after being accepted on the course, she decided to change course yet again and instead enrolled on a travel and tourism course because her bigger vision was her love of international travel. She went on to be awarded Student of the Year in her college and on leaving was offered a dream job at an international airport. After several weeks she decided it didn’t fit with the family life she wanted so she left and quickly landed a local job where she is in line for the assistant managers position. This all happened within a year of her committing to a future she’d always dreamed of and she has finally found a job that she not only loves, but that also gives her a healthy work life balance

callum- Problem: was thinking of setting up a new business

Callum is a successful entrepreneur who has had a series of successful businesses. He came to me to discuss his latest business venture. However on taking a closer look, I knew Callum wasn’t being true to his deepest calling and was, like we all do, chasing the next dollar. Over a two hour session we got right to the crux of deepest dreams which is to build a rehabilitation centre for drug users. Callum, never did pursue his latest venture. Instead he is currently training as a councillor and taking his first steps to his bigger vision and is finally in alignment with his souls work