What are twin flames?

In a nutshell it’s one soul split in two. Wait what?! What the hell does that mean? Let me explain.

Sometimes a soul incarnates on to the earth to do a massive job. Like humungus. But in order to learn everything it needs to in order to do said job, they would have to take on a massive amount of life lessons (read my About page if you want to know more about Life Lessons) and a wide variety of skills, basically too much for one soul to learn in one life time. So the soul splits in to two bodies. One incarnates as female one as male (usually). One learns masculine energy, one feminine. One about wealth and materiel things, the other about about spiritualism and poverty (usually but not always)

Now this is vitally important: Not everyone has a twin flame. it is extremely rare. Apparently there is only 144,000 on the plant. Personally, I don’t believe there is an exact figure but it helps to know you’re special right?

Anyway meeting your twin flame is a roller coaster ride becuase 1. It might take you ages to figure out why you can’t get this person out your head, 2. One of you will ‘wake up’ to the twin flame journey before the other. 3. The one who wakes up first has to wait for the other to wake up too which is incredibly frustrating 4. The connection will drive both insane until you both figure out what the hells going on.

Once you then figure out the connection you both then have to do a butt tonne of energy work to clear out all the crappy lessons you’ve learned in your journey such as: fear of abandonment, fear of being alone, fear of upsetting those you love, abusive relationships, lack of trust etc etc etc.

Basically, anything that caused you to shield your heart in order to protect yourself and your precious love.

Now there is always a runner chaser dynamic. One doesn’t know what the hell is going on so they leg it. Either mentally, physically or emotionally. And the other gets frustrated with the lack of contact and pushes for the other person to get in touch.

However, it’s all actually to do with energy and recognising when your in a place of fear or love. You chase because your frustrated and need answers but actually its fear of never feeling that connection again. And you wont. There is only ever one twin flame.

But wait,

How do you tell the difference between Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

You have many soul mates as you need on your journey: you loving parents, your best friend, your life long partner will all give you that deep seated love and contentment that comes from a deep seated soul alignment. However you will know your Twin Flame becuase the moment you meet them, you feel like you’ve come home. And you know that person completely even though you may have never met them before of not know a single thing about them. Because they are a part of you and you feel complete even though you may never have realised before that you felt like there was a part of you missing

The physical attraction will be massive. And at first you will pass it off as just a physical attraction, especially if you are already in a relationship with your soul mate. But the difference is no matter what you do, you can’t get them out of your head. And here’s the kicker, they can’t stop thinking of you either.

Now yes this is frustrating for everyone involved but you have to remember the laws of attraction. What you put out comes back so the harder you push for Union, the further you push them away.

Stand still my friend. You need to look inside for why you can’t accept love. For what bad memories and shitty lessons you need to clear. You need to wipe your slate clean, metaphysically speaking of course.

In order for you to give love, you have to learn to give it to yourself first. Because they ARE YOU. Your the opposite side of the same coin. So stand still and let your inner light out. Welcome in love, then the runner chaser dynamic is reversed and the runner can return because you will be in full alignment with them. No longer standing in fear and instead open to love