What does grounding yourself mean?

So at the beginning the universe went kabluwee and the big bang happened and all the building blocks of life and the known universe were created. (Apparently.  I know there’s people out there that have different beliefs. But hay each to their own right?) Anyway, You are a being of energy. Your cells are made up of particles that are whizzing about. You are a walking energy field. So is everyone else.

Now have you ever walked into a room where there have been people arguing and you literally feel the animosity in the air? Like you almost walking through mud. Like it’s sticky and horrible and you really don’t want to stay in there too long. (God, imagine all those poor kids who grow up in that? No wonder the world is f*****d) This is because the people in there, in their angry heightened state, are radiating. And like a big old magnet, as you walk through, your energy will start mopping it all up. Especially if you are a happy person with a high vibration. (Opposites attract)

Every noticed how you feel drained when you’ve been to a busy place but haven’t actually done much? Like if you sit working on a till, not really moving but are absolutely knackered when you get home? Well that’s because every time someone walks passed you, a little piece of your energy gets pulled into them. Really nasty negative people take a lot. Happy people will give more then they take but either way it’s hugely beneficial to ground yourself.

How do I ground myself?

It’s actually really really easy. All you do is imagine yourself in a protective bubble. Now some people like to over think things. They’ll tell you big rituals and prayers in order to protect yourself. But you are made from power and energy. You and your powerful little soul are enough. And our brains are the most powerful things of all. So if you imagine yourself in a star trek shield it will work. If you imagine yourself in a big green healing bubble it will work. If you imagine it’s pink and glittery and filled with love hearts it will work. If you imagine Arch Angel Micheal is rapping his big ‘ole angel wings round you it will work. Armour plated, brick reinforced, Teflon coated bubble of awesomeness more your thing? Guess what? That’ll work too. So long as you imagine it covers your whole body from the top of your head to underneath your feet, it’ll work. And the more you make it your own, the stronger it will be.

How do I know it will work? Because I tested it. And when I don’t do it, I notice the difference. I remember lying in bed as a little girl, maybe 6 or 7, panicking about bad things happening to my family. I remember putting a bubble of light around my mum. Then my dad (who lived in London), then my brother. Then my cousin. Then all my cousins and my aunties and I remember being really overwhelmed thinking (as I became more exhausted) how do I protect them all? So in the end, I put a bubble around the whole world and feel asleep exhausted.No one had ever told me about this as a child. It was something that I instinctively did. I completely forgot about this until I learned about grounding when I did my holistic therapy training.

Now doing hands on healing like reflexology means you are right on in that persons energy field. I had a client once who had been horrifically abused as a child and I will never forget the feeling of my energy literally getting sucked out of my arms. It was a horrible feeling and still makes my skin crawl. On the days I did ground myself, I found my feet would burn whenever I gave a treatment and I would always have to work with my shoes off. The energy was transferring through me back to the earth and if I kept my shoes on, my feet would go on fire. And I know that sounds a bit woowoo but it does work. My husband really doesn’t believe in most of this stuff (I know funny right!?) but he used to be the manager of one of the biggest underground stations in the country. Over 80,000 people passed through his station every single day. And as he stood on the barrier supporting his staff, he would gradually get more and more drained. Someday’s he would come home in a foul mood and I always knew he had forgot to ground himself that day. Becuase the days he did ground himself, he was able to hold on to his own energy and not be affected by the energy of some many people passing him by.

So protect yourself my friend. Wrap yourself up in a big old protective buble. And wrap your kids up too especially on their way to school or at bed time. Unless your giving them a hug. In which case drop that shield and let your love nourish them.

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