What does light bearer mean?

So some people follow a religion, some people are atheists and other people are spiritual which means we believe we have an soul that lives on through many lives as it strives to better understand itself and the nature of the world. Light bearers are souls that reincarnate on the Earth generally as healers in order to help other people improve their lives.

Now a healer doesn’t necessarily mean a doctor or therapist. Healer’s come in all shapes and size’s. Artists, Rock Stars, The lady who works at the checkout who always makes you smile. The taxi driver who made you laugh that time when you wanted to cry. There are many healers but not all healers are light bears.

So whats the difference? Well a healer will make you feel better. But you’ll know when you’ve met a light bearer because they don’t just make you feel happy after you’ve met them, they make you feel AMAZING! Like you’ve had just a little bit too much wine and you’re feeling just a tad tipsy, in that fun giggly stage.They make you feel like you’ve been lit up, like the world is an amazing place again and you’ll walk away with a spring in your step and a feeling of warmth like someone has dipped you in awesomesauce. You may even find yourself saying, ‘Ahhh weren’t they lovely?’ and your day will be better because you’ve met them.

You will only meet a light bearer when there is an important part of your life’s journey ahead. You may be going through a bad time and may need a little pick me up. But these people don’t come along very often so pay attention to what they have to tell you. It might even just be a random comment on a bus, but you’ll know it’s from a light bearer because you’ll feel it in your soul or you’ll find yourself going, ‘hhhmm, that was weird’ and then months later the comment they made will all make total sense.

How do you know if you are a light bearer?

You will probably had a tough life but nothing ever gets you down for long

You really enjoy helping people, always have, always will (even as a kid)

When you’re helping people it seems to fill you up. Like you can feel your energy expanding

You’ll have an unusual knowledge about the world. People may have said to you (especially as a kid) “s/he has definitely been here before”

You’ve probably traveled. A lot. Like all over the world. Because your fascinated by people and different cultures.

You understand the nature of yin and yang. That bad things can  happen for goods reasons

You’re often the life and soul of a party even if you’re actually quite a reserved person. You’ll always be the person captivating everyones attention with your mad stories, even if you didn’t mean to.

People are naturally drawn to you. Like if you’re walking through your town and there are 100 people on the street, it will be you someone asks for directions.

You’ve probably got an awesome sense of humor. You see the funny side of things and it’s easy to make people laugh which you do often because when other people are happy, it makes you happy too. And you like to make people happy wherever you go

You’re probably a natural wanderer. You get bored easily and like to wander off into the world to explore and meet new people

You’re naturally gifted. It’s easy to pick up and master a skill and that skill is usually something that draws people to you such as a baker, a musician or a leader of some sort

You’re probably multi talented and have all kinds of weird and wonderful and completely random skills because you absorb things easily

You were probably a natural leader even as a kid. You always thought of the fun games and everyone wanted you to be their friend.

You’re a natural mediator. You hate to see people not getting a long and will always try to intervene and build bridges (you probably tried to do this as a kid too)

You will be naturally energetic and probably quite hyper. Who wants to sit still when the there are a million interesting things you could be exploring?

You’re lots of fun to be around and on your good days you see the world not for all its sorrow, but for all the fun and magic it holds. Nothing makes you happier then showing someone how magical the world really is.

Which is why you should watch out for other light bearers.

We’re few and far between but when you get two in the same room be prepared for random conversations, electric energy and lots of laughs. I’ve got a cousin who’s also a light bearer and when we meet up the energy is amazin’. Because we get it. We know we’re gonna change the world and even when we’re just sitting in our aunties, having a cup of tea, you get this massive sense of peace. Like you’ve come home* Except that peace is pulsing with an energy that just lights you up. Hence the term, light bearer.

*Now this is different to Twin Flames energy which, believe me, is a whole other ball game.

Is being a Light Bearer a Bad Thing?

(Obviously there’s a down side. Yin and Yang dude! It’s all about the yin and yang!) So:

You will be empathic which means, good or bad, you can sense people’s feelings. Which is great when your helping people, but be wary because you can also absorb negative feelings and take them on as your own. Learn about grounding yourself HERE

Because your soul knows you only have a limited amount of days on the Earth you might have a constant feeling like you are running out of time. You can be incredibly restless and this can cause you to over stretch yourself and ‘burn the candle at both ends’. Because life’s exciting right? You don’t want to miss out on anything. Make time to rest and remember when you don’t look after yourself you can’t help anyone and being stuck in bed ill sucks big time!

If your very hyperactive, you’ll find it hard to be still. Some people call it ADHD, I prefer to call it my super power and being pretty awesome at multitasking.

You’ll feel like you have to make everything better. This is a big responsibility. An overwhelming one. Watch out for children who try to fix their parents marriage, who try to stop the arguments or fighting in the school yard. In trying to fix everyone, we can often leave ourselves feeling empty and sad. As children we can take on too much emotional responsibility. It makes us very unhappy and often, especially as kids, we don’t actually know why we were unhappy. We are not aware we are absorbing peoples negative feelings so they feel great and we end up feeling like shit.

Be wary of arrogance. As an old soul we know a lot of stuff, but we don’t know everything. And no one likes a know-it-all (or Smart Arse as we say here in Liverpool). Teach people, guide them, show them the way, but don’t lecture (even if you do know you’re right!) Give people the gift of self discovery.

You work at a high vibration. That’s why you stand out in a crowd. People can sense the goodness in you. Very low vibration people don’t like it, it makes them feel uncomfortable. Be aware that the more you tap into your gifts, the more your energy will grow so don’t be surprised if friends abandon you or turn on you, or if you get targeted for arguments for example. Low vibration people will try to bring you down to their level. Don’t let them.

Watch out for energetic vampires. People who make you feel drained. Who only want you when they feel like crap. Learn about energetic Vampires HERE

When going into busy places you will go on a high. This can be addictive. So if you find yourself clubbing far too often or constantly thrill seeking, or constantly having affairs learn to get your kicks in a different way. I always ground myself when I’m going into a busy place like when I worked on the railway or if im out clubbing and especially when I meet someone who needs my help. Learn about grounding HERE

But most of all remember:

Make time to do things that make you happy. That recharge your batteries and make you feel amazing because when you’re happy, you light up the world around you. And the world definitely needs more of that my friend

🖖Queenie 😘

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