Image by  Glegle  from  Pixabay

Image by Glegle from Pixabay

 Not Sure Which Tarot Cards To Buy

Want To Know How Tarot Cards Work?

One of the things that you most need to develop when trying to become more psychically attuned, is to listen to your heart instead of listening to your head. And reading Tarot or Angel Cards are a great way to tap into our natural intuition.

Now the best why to choose your deck is to follow your first instincts and your gut feelings.

When you go into a shop you will have a sense of whether or not you feel comfortable in there. When you look at the card decks for sale you will be instantly repelled or attracted to certain ones. Even if you’re browsing on a digital store such as Amazon.

You’ll know which deck is right for you as you will feel an energetic pull towards one particular deck. But most of all you’ll feel like one seems to ‘stand out in the crowd’. You’ll know that ones for you. You may even see one that seems to glow even though it isn’t actually glowing! You know it’s not glowing, you can see that it hasn’t suddenly started to beam extra light, but somehow it seem more luminous then all the rest.

Just like picking a wand in Diagon Alley, your cards will pick you just as much as you pick them. So you need to work with a set that feels comfortable in your hands. Using cards is very much about natural harmony within your energy so go with what feels right for you, even if someone tells you to choose a different type. This includes your friends, pushy sales people or amazon reviews!

But wait!

should i use tarot cards that were given to me?

The short answer is - do they FEEL good to you?

If they feel weird or icky or like you really don’t want to be near them the please don’t use them. Even if they were a gift from someone who you know loves and honors you. Even if they are brand new. If the energy feels good then by all means you can use them because as you’ll learn further on, it’s the energy that is important. If you don’t want to use them, pass them on to someone who will.

What type of tarot cards should I buy?

There is a very large misconception that certain cards are evil like Tarot and certain cards are good like Angel cards. But what people fail to realise is that your deck isn’t ensued with mythical powers.

Sorry to burst your bubble dude, but it is just a pack of plain old cardboard pictures.

What makes them good or evil is the person who wields them. And more importantly, the intention they have in their heart when the use their cards.

Let me explain it another way. A twenty pound note is withdrawn at a pay point. That £20 is given to a homeless person to buy food or clothing. That person instead decides to buy drugs and gives it to a drug dealer.

Now that £20 note is actually, just a piece of paper. The intention of the person who gave it to the homeless person was good. The homeless person, through their own free will, chose to spend it on drugs so the intention became tainted. The drug dealer who received it willingly does harm and their general intention is bad.

So do you see? That the money didn’t change the people from good to bad along the way. It’s just a bit of paper that moved through peoples hands. It’s the people who use it who are good or bad. The money had no involvement in it.

And your cards will be the same.

Angel cards, tarot, shaman, spirit guides cards etc are just a tool for you to connect to and interpret. There is no right or wrong deck. You just need to find one that feels good to you.


Please bear this in mind when choosing your cards:

  1. I have found it easier to read cards that have beautiful complex pictures as opposed to simple plain ones

  2. Smaller size ones are easier to hold and are therefore easier to lay out especially if you have small hands

  3. Oracle cards are better for reading yourself; to give daily inspiration especially if they have motivational quotes. If you use these to read for other people I’ve found the person becomes fixated on the quote as opposed to listening to the message you’re giving them 

But above all remember, the key to remember is:

Choose the cards that feel right for you, always.

And don’t forget if you’re new to Tarot and would like to learn to read cards easily (without having to try to memorise all 72 cards!) I have a book available to buy over in my

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