LONG VERSION: (Scroll down for the short version) So ironically, it’s 15:11 on my clock as I start typing this! I’ve been stalked by the number 11 since my daughter was born, can you guess when? Yep, in 2011. At first I thought it was just a coincidence me seeing this number 11. When I woke up in the middle of the night and it was 11 minutes passed stupid o’clock. Or if I got into my car and the clock showed 11:11. Or when I was at the till and my bill would come to £29.29 and figure it was just a weird coincidence. But it happened a lot. Like on a daily basis. To the point were even my (cynical) husband started noticing it too. It was several times a day every day. I got the feeling there was something I needed to take notice of but for the life of me I just couldn’t figure out what the hell it was.

Now I’ve always been into witchy woo woo stuff. I was obsessed with mystical stuff as a teenager and I’ve always been aware of omens. So after it got so common it was impossible to ignore, I realised THEY [Insert religious beliefs here] were trying to tell me something.

But it drove me nuts. There was no continuity. It would happen at the most random times. My car radio would re-scan itself and land on station number 11. I’d get doctors appointments through the post and they’d be on the 11th at 11 o’ clock. Sometimes bad things were happening when I noticed the number 11. Sometimes it was at a good time. Sometimes nothing was happening at all. But during this time I was going through hell in my personal life (again)

I had two children under two, was at full time University and my husband was being a grade A knobhead. Which was not like him at all.

Eleven would pop up in completely random places. But it was TWO YEARS! before I finally figured out what the hell it meant!

I was driving home one evening after University. I was stopped at the traffic lights close to my house and I was completely dreading going home. I had suspicions that Tonny had been up to no good and the thought of going home to face the latest bout of stress was turning my stomach. Then Tonny phoned and as I glanced at my phone, there it was again, number 11.


As I walked through the door when I got home I knew something was up. I’m Empathic (which I didn’t know at the time) and it turned out, the thing I had been worrying about, was true. And right then and there, I learned that seeing the number 11 means


So whenever I saw the number 11 or it’s combination I pay special attention to what I have just been thinking about. If i’m thinking of buying someone a nice gift then it means yes trust your instincts, you know they’ll like it. If im going to buy something new and am worried it won’t be suitable and I see 11, (or 22 or 29 or 56 or 65) then I know that yep, trust those instincts, they’ll be right and it’s not a good choice, wait for something better to come along.

Now the weird thing is, once I figured out what 11 meant, I realised I’m surrounded by it. At the time I lived in number 11, then moved to number 65. My date of birth and all my kids date of births equal 11. Even my national insurance number adds up to number 11!

Now in numerology 11 should equal 2. But that was not the messages I was getting. You see omens are YOUR messages and specific to you. So someone elses rule that 1+1 must equal 2 WAS NOT RIGHT FOR ME. (And being a broad minded type of chick, yep for you number 11 might have a different meaning too. However if you’ve landed on this page chances you are meant to learn my version of what 11 means at this moment in time)


What is twin flame 1111?

Now twin flame 1111 is a totally different ball game and one that I only recently found out about. Now if you’re twin flame and you start seeing the number 11 then that again signifies that whatever you were thinking about AT THAT TIME is correct but in relation to your twin flame. (Learn About Twin Flames HERE) So if you’re in the runner chaser phase and are thinking for the millionth time ‘do they even think of me?’ and you see the number 11, then again it would mean ‘Trust your instincts you’re on the right path.’ Or, in lamens terms ‘Duh of course they are! They’re you twin flame for Godsake!’ So 11 is a guiding number. For me 11:11 had nothing to do with my twin flame. I started seeing 11:11 in 2011 and I didn’t meet my twin flame until 8 years later (Ironically in 2018!) at a point when I had actually stopped seeing 11!

Now whats interesting to know is that you will see omens and reoccurring numbers when you are close to your destiny, that mission you came here to fulfill. Thats why most of your mates won’t have clue what your on about. Not everyone sees or recognises omens because they’re on a different vibration to you. You’re going through an ascension, they’re not. Omens and numbers are like a kind of spiritual road sign to help you on your way. So for me, eleven has become my angel number, a little sign from my spirit guides. My omen that helps me better navigate the path ahead. But the worst thing is, once I figured out what number 11 means, the little sods started showing me new ones!!! Now I get 444, or 555. Last night I got woken up at 11:44! Now I know what 11 means for me but when I was getting stalked by 11 I did countless google searches but no one had the answer back then (hence the reason I wrote this page in the first place). But I’ve found THIS site and she is the only one I trust to interpret my numbers. (Sorry Doreen Virtue just isn’t my cup of tea!) THIS site is the only one I’ve found where her interpretation of the number 11 is exactly the same as mine. So if you find your getting stalked by numbers click HERE to help learn what they mean but trust your gut feelings, only you will know if the meaning stated resonates for you.

Why have I stopped seeing Omens?

Don’t panic when you stop seeing your omens or numbers. It’s like a road trip. Once you get on to the right road sometimes you wont see a road sign for ages and even though you know your heading the right way you still might go, ‘Omg, did I miss a turning? Did I inadvertently take the wrong road? This roads deserted, I haven’t seen a sign for ages, what if I end up in the middle of no where and serial killers in the woods with axe?’ (Come on admit it, we’ll all think it when we get lost!) But you don’t have to panic. A lack of signs means you don’t need any more guidance at this moment in time because your heading the right way. The signs and numbers are there to keep you on the right track.

If you click HERE you can learn more about omens or if you’d like to learn more about developing you natural intuition you can click HERE to go to the intuition section.

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🖖Queenie 😘